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About Me

A little info here to get you better aquainted
with what I can do for you,
and do for your business.

My World

Hi. I'm Craig Grant, and I'm a graphic designer. But you could call me creative director, art director or even prime minister. Heck, I might as well be president too. As you may have fathomed, I don't really care about titles, or what it says on my business card. In other words, I want to do good work that works good (with apologies to Mrs. Harkin, my favorite english teacher).

By the way- whoever/wherever you are - I'll work my butt and my brain off for you.

My Thinking

Great creative should look good, taste and smell good, and feel good. Kind of like the perfect pizza. It should leave your senses wanting more. More of whatever that "thing" is, be it a product, service, mystery widget, or the next "Pet Rock".

I do this by producing my own work, from concept through final files. And I manage and oversee all my outside vendors (photographers, illustrators, printers, etc.) too, which means things get done quicker, and less expensively. Usually a good thing, I think.

My Skills

Yes, I actually went to art school and received a BFA. We used things like rulers and X-Acto knives, sweat and blood, turpentine, spray mount and other toxic chemicals. Thank god for computers. Recently, I received a certificate in web design, where no blood was shed but a lot of hard-coded tears fell while learning CSS, HTML5, some Javascript and JQuery. I'm also up-to-date in the latest versions of Adobe CC, Microsoft Office, Keynote and more.

Some of the industries I've worked in include, but of course are not limited to: Education, Financial, Healthcare, Hospitality, Non-Profit, Retail, and Transportation.

Someone once said something really profound
about creativity, clients, the art of selling,
tenacity, humor and bite.
Um, ditto.

My Services

Look out below.

Design / Advertising / Branding

So here you will find everything from brochures, newsletters, corporate identity/logos, direct mail, trade show stuff, annual reports, ads/campaigns, outdoor, transit, posters and banners, oh my and more. And just because I didn't list it, doesn't mean you won't find it here. If you don't find it, just email me and ask me if I've done it. Odds are pretty good I have.

Web / Digital

This is pretty self-explanatory folks, but given that I've written at length about my other services, I feel obligated to spell it out: web sites, digital ads/banners, some mobile banners and mobile home page design, email blasts, and anything else that didn't see the printing (or digital) press.

Our Testimonials (Aw, shucks)

  • Craig Grant is an outstanding graphic designer who brings great artistic style and sensibility to all projects. I have used Craig repeatedly since 2000, including for the design of my company's logo and materials, and would trust him with any project. He always delivers on time and on budget.

    David Ball, President, Ball Consulting Group, LLC
  • I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Craig Grant for over 20 years. He is one of the most creative and inspiring designers I have encountered and has consistently delivered a first class product no matter what the demands of the client. He can meld retro with hip and manage to make it all fresh and new, and I would unequivocally recommend him for any project. He is a hell of a designer, art director, and can make a real difference if you are looking for a new approach and creativity that is as bold as you dare to take it.

    Jason L. Grebstein, Marketing & Advertising Manager
  • Craig is a creative and resourceful designer. He's able to work within a tight budget and deliver product that looks like it cost three times as much. His work on our behalf and on behalf of our clients has been nothing short of remarkable.

    Lenny Fogel, Publications Coordinator at Green Associates

The Portfolio

You've scrolled to the right place for all things creative. Take a look around. Gather your friends, relax, hang out, and stay awhile.

It's good to have a big head on your shoulders;

it can hold a really big brain.

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